Cockapoo Info

Cockapoo Info
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The cockapoo is a deliberate cross between a poodle and a cocker spaniel,this produces a superb family pet that is great around children and has a unique non moulting shaggy coat which also does not produce that `doggy`odour.

If thats not enough ,they are very clever which makes them easy to train and they come in a range of colours.


We only produce F1 (first cross) cockapoos.Poodle dad, cocker mum,this gives you 50% poodle and 50% cocker. Breeders who mate cockapoos together(F2) could produce pups that can look like cockers or poodles or worse cockapoos that moult.

An F1b is an F1 cockapoo mated back to a poodle, this gives you a non moulting coat but the offspring will 3/4 poodle 1/4 cocker so will be very poodle like in appearence. You need at least 50% poodle to produce a non moulting coat and 50% cocker to give the cockapoo look.


The cockers we use are both working strain english cockers and show these dogs are full of life with no vices such as `cocker rage`.  DNA health testing is carried out on our stud dogs who father the cocker mums.

We have miniature poodle stud dogs which produce cocker size cockapoos they are also free of any inherited eye problems either DNA tested clear or hereditary clear.