Cocker Spaniel Info

Cocker spaniel info
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Cocker spaniels are one of the top ten breeds when it comes to choosing a family pet,the reason behind this is because along with other gun dog breeds they are willing to learn want to please you and are safe and reliable around children.

They are described as a merry breed and this is so true,you will always be greeted with a wagging tail and big grin.

The strains
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We breed cockers from both show and working backgrounds. Temperament and health are the main reason we choose any dog to breed from but a variety of colours and coat patterns can be achieved from our boys and girls. 

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Cocker spaniels come in more colour types and patterns than any other breed.Solids are one colour all over,parti colours are white with patches of one colour,tricolours are white with patches of two colours and roans are white with a colour that mixes through the coat giving a diluted look to the colour.

We try to breed as many colours and types that is possible, some of our mums have litters with each pup being a different colour!