The Boys (Cockapoo / Cocker Spaniels / Poodles)

Cocker Spaniel

We have 2 cocker boys that father our litters, both kennel club registered English cocker spaniels. Rodney is a chocolate roan and tan dna double negative clear of PRA and FN. Reggie is a chocolate and tan and is double negative clear of all 6 inherited diseases  

Both have excellent temperaments which comes through in the pups who have beautiful and various coloured coats. 

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We use poodle stud dogs on cocker spaniel girls to produce F1 cockapoos. Shaggy is our black minature poodle boy who produces black and chocolate cockapoo pups.

His pups tend to be cocker spaniel size and are intelligent with sweet natures. With PRA clear eye certificate.

Small Minature Poodle
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Ollie is our small minature poodle who produces the creams and the apricots,his pups tend to be a little below cocker spaniel size and also have super friendly natures.

We also use him to father the cavapoos puppies. With PRA clear eye certificate.